Travelling With A King in the press

They talk about our book > Michael Jackson World Network (may 2015, UK) > Michael Jackson World (2014, UK) > MJVibe (May 2015, UK) > MJJFan Club Japan (May 2015, Japan) > Someone in the dark (May 2015, China) > MJ Passion (May 2015, Roumania) > Russian blog (May 2015, Russia) > Billie Jean fan site (May 2015, Belgium) > Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (May 2015, Japan) > Cartas para Michael (May 2015) Discover the report of Michael Jackson World Network on the release of the French edition of our book. here – more to come… You are a journalist and would like to feature the book in an article or make the interview of the authors ? please contact us by clicking on the following link. Discover here our French version in the press :

Also on the radio : Nostalgie Belgique (Pop Culture de Brice Depasse) lien RTL (France) par Stéphane Boudsocq lien Radio Canada lien Michaelizer Radio lien

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